Take back your life and wellness with this simple and transformative energy healing technique.

In a most basic sense, Emotion and Body Code is a technique that works to release emotions that have been trapped in the body. When a person experiences an emotion, the body has a few minutes to process and release it. If they don’t release it in time, it can become trapped in the body. For people that have experienced traumatic events or have general difficulties processing emotions due to other external factors, they might not be able to process the emotion completely, therefore, resulting in a trapped emotion. These trapped emotions can affect our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Understanding this process allowed me to go inward and face the unnecessary emotions I have been carrying with me my entire life, most of which I had no idea I was holding. Unlike a seasonal cold that can come and go, once a specific trapped emotion is released, it’s gone for good. This technique is not a traditional talk therapy, but rather a powerful tool that can be instrumental to healing and growth in anyone.

Benefits of Emotion and Body Code:


  • Release emotional, mental, and physical energies

  • Renew energetic balance to your, organs, glands, meridians, and chakras

  • Assist clearing heavy metals, chemicals and other toxins

  • Release the energy of pathogens fueling underlying infection

  • Aid in alignment of skeletal structure and soft tissues

  • Determine specific deficiencies in nutrition, sleep, anxiety, and more

  • Release generational cycles




Single Session

Clear trapped emotions and correct other imbalances in the body. Sessions can be for working toward general wellness, or targeted to address specific physical or emotional issues.

Pet Session

Emotion Code may help your pets and animals achieve a healthy and happy life as well! You will see the results and your pet will love receiving the benefits.

Session Packages

Invest in yourself without breaking the bank. Save money and stress when you purchase a 6 or 12 Session Package. Sessions do not expire and may be transferred to friends and family.


Have you experienced a traumatic event in your life? Do you get the feeling that you are not operating at your best self? Are you interested in whole-self wellness? If any of these sound like you or if you are just interested to see what Emotion and Body Coding is about with little to no risk, I would be honored to be of service to help you on your transformation.


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